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About Grounded Healing

From the moment you step into the treatment room you will feel your healing begin. Set in a stunning room with a private backdrop overlooking a natural wonderland of native grass trees, majestic Angophoras and ancient sacred rocks, with the sweet melodies of native birds as a soothing soundtrack. This immersive experience will help transport you to a blissful state of relaxation, healing and repair.

Grounded Healing is a unique oasis that offers a holistic approach to wellness, tailored to your body and soul’s needs in the moment. You may just wish to be cocooned in a beautiful nourishing head to toe massage, using warm oil, hot stones and heated towels to finish. Or perhaps it is a transformative session of Reiki that will take you away and heal, ground and float you back into a space of feeling anchored and whole once again. Maybe you're looking to address subconscious beliefs that may be causing dis-ease in your body with a session of Thetahealing. And/or maybe it is working with your meridians, balancing your chakras, EFT (tapping) or learning some take homes about daily energy clearing/resetting or the art of manifestation that you can do in your own time. But sometimes it is just a little bit of everything combined to bring you back to centre, creating a personalized treatment that's perfect for you.


You don’t even have to choose, I can intuitively guide you to where your body and soul needs to be, ensuring the best possible experience for your beautiful treatment. Or of course you can choose what resonates with you.

At the end of your treatment you are welcome to spend some time sitting on the ancient rocks, beneath the trees with a cup of home grown herbal tea, finishing in stillness, perhaps with a meditation x

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